“Lead me not unto temptation – I can find the way myself” Rita Mae Brown

Creating new world wines with old world class

“Great wines are the expression of the soils they are grown in and in the seasons they grow. Through knowledge and experience, we explore exciting new representations of traditional varieties and blends" 

Dean's golf backswing Dean's golf backswing


Owner and Winemaker of the Hewitson Estate. Affectionately known as the Mad Hatter, and an enthusiastic but average golfer...

Legendary cricketer with legacy developing nicely with age. He has a passion for creating new and exciting wines from much loved ancestral vineyards– inspired by the old world but with a new world twist.

Dean having fun with cards and mates Dean having fun with cards and mates


• Childhood vocation– planting vines, harvesting grapes and collecting wine labels

• Bachelor of Applied Science– Oenology, Roseworthy College, Adelaide University

• Master of Science, Food Science– Enology, University of California, Davis

• Old world vintages– Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Champagne and Provence

• New world vintages– Willamette Valley and Piccadilly Valley

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