Experience Wines from our Irreplaceable Vineyards

After over 35 years making wine and 25 years under the Hewitson label, I present these wines as a culmination of this journey so far. I actually can’t believe where this journey has taken me. These Irreplaceable Vineyards are national treasures and the wines they produce are nothing less. Along with a small selection from my museum, these treasured wines with extremely small productions are available now on allocation and for a limited time. Superior balance and structure enable short, medium and longer term cellaring up to 35 years as the collector desires -Dean Hewitson

What are our Irreplaceable Vineyards

Old Garden Vineyard

Planted in 1853 The Old Garden is renowned as the oldest Mourvèdre vines on Earth. Of just over one Hectare these are the original vines un-grafted on own roots and pre-Phylloxera. With no replanting each vine is today 169 years-old. One can’t just go and plant a 169 year -old vineyard. This vineyard is irreplaceable.

Monopole Shiraz Vineyard

This vineyard is sourced exclusively from one 1853 Shiraz vine found in the middle of The Old Garden. Over many years we harvested the buds from this one Shiraz vine and grafted them onto roots growing at the winery. So now we have one Hectare of an ancient pre-Phylloxera ‘Sélection Clonale’ exclusively from this 1853 vine with its own unique flavour and tannin profile. This vineyard is irreplaceable.


Each year before bottling the wines of the Old Garden and Monopole Vineyards Dean selects the best barrel of these wines and blend them together. Thus BARREL 1853 is an equal blend of Old Garden Mourvèdre and Monopole Shiraz, exclusively from 1853 vine-age providence. It is absolutely irreplaceable.

Corporate Wine Day in Barossa Corporate Wine Day in Barossa

CORPORATE BLENDING CHALLENGE ($75 per person, for 6 – 24 people)

The ultimate team building day for groups between six and 24 people. An entertaining team building activity incorporated facilitated wine blending session, judging and happy hour. Includes:

• Three x 500ml of premium wine components for blending per group of four

• Three bottles of wine per six people, to drink at your leisure on the day

• Cheese platter featuring local artisan produce

• Additional bottles available at discounted rates

• Vineyard platters are also available on request ($150 each serving six to eight people)

Duration: Two hours

Location: Hewitson Cellar Door

We can be flexible with this experience and can provide additions. Talk to us about tailoring the day to suit your needs.

BLEND, BARREL AND BOTTLE EXPERIENCE ($20,000 barrel ex-cellar, max eight people)

The Offer:

• AUD20,000 per barrel ex. Cellar

• Each barrel is the equivalent 300x 750ml bottles

• The buyer of each barrel receives the packaged wine in 50x 6x750ml cases

• Premium bottle/cork/Hewitson branded premium timber case;

• Hewitson label ‘Private Cellar’ with your personalised label

• Personalised numbered Private Cellar Club Cap.

• Each case contains Certificate of Authenticity.

• Group number: 1 – 8 pax.

Expertly guided by the winemaking team:

• Start the day with an educational vineyard and winery tour

• Followed by a barrel tasting of Irreplaceable & Exceptional vineyards, selecting the blend components

• Enjoy a 3-course lunch with the Hewitson wine maker with wines from our ‘Old & Rare Museum’ cellar

• After lunch blend your wine components, optimising balance, structure, concentration and power

• Mature your barrique in perfect conditions at the Hewitson cellars for 3-9 months

• At the wine maker’s discretion the barrel will be bottled and labelled with your personalised label

• The bottles then packaged into 50 x 6 pack timber boxes, each box containing a Certificate of Authenticity

Key details:

• Full payment on booking.

• Wine matured then bottled for 3-9 months after blending.

• Wine collected within 30 days of bottling. If you would like to organise delivery, this will be an additional cost

Duration: Six hours

Location: Hewitson Cellar Door