Engaging new expressions of wine from ancient vines – even when the Ashes are on

Hewitson’s Estate lies along the banks of the Para River, in theheart of the Barossa Valleyon the historic Seppeltsfield Road.

Historically, this strip has produced some ofBarossa’s (and Australia’s) finest red wines.

Baby Bush Vineyard at Hewiston Estate Baby Bush Vineyard at Hewiston Estate


Theoldest Mourvèdre vines on Earthare not in Europe.The Old Garden MourvèdreVineyard was planted by Friedrich Koch in1853and is renowned as the oldest of this grape variety in the world.

At over 165 years old, (older than Adelaide’s oldest building), justeight rowsof thesedry grown, pre-phylloxera tri-centenarian, Barossa Ancestor vinesstill flourish on their original roots today. 

The much-lauded single vineyard wine produced from this fruit is ourOld Garden Mourvèdre.

The Barossa is also home to the world's oldest vines of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Grenache, Malbec, Semillon and Riesling.

Hewitson vineyard in Spring Hewitson vineyard in Spring

Mourvèdre, also known as Mataro and Monastrell, has a cultish following for those in the know– most notably in Bandol, in the South of France. 

Acomplex, red grape characterised by bright dark purple berries, flavours of garrigue and game, with high tannins that need to be balanced together by someone with a knowledgeable touch and great care and respect during the winemaking process. 

Mother Vine Monopole Shiraz Vineyard is aSélection Clonalefrom cuttings taken from apre-phylloxera ancestralShiraz vine planted in 1853. 

Fruit from this excitingone hectare vineyardhas produced astonishinglyhigh qualityandhighly laudedwine; bearing the vineyard's name.

Learn more about our wines made from ourIrreplaceable Vineyards.

state of art winery state of art winery


The Hewitson winery brings together state of the art withtraditional winemaking practicesand asoft footprint on the land. Attention in the vineyard with respect to drainage, soil health andbiodiversityis coupled with attention in the winery with respect to cleanliness and temperature control allowingminimalist intervention winemaking.

winery window winery window


Thebest fruitdeserves thebest oak to ensurestructureandcomplexityfor both young and old wines. We chose to only use French oak for itssubtle but elegantinfluence on each of our cuvées and oak is chosen depending on toasting level, forrest source and age to suit the wines in which it will be aged in.